Company & CC Liquidation

SBA Liquidation

When do you need us?

  • You need to liquidate your business but you are unsure of the implications on yourself and complications that surround the process.
  • Your business is in a dangerous financial situation where you are bordering on trading insolvent which can lead to personal liability.
  • You need to finalise and have a dormant company or CC wound up, rather than have it de-registered, and still have penalties and interest added to outstanding debts.
  • You need a cost effective way of ending a business venture.

More Info

  • Liquidations can be done in a week
  • Careful planning of the process to eliminate surprises from SARS and creditors
  • Complete control over the process
  • In the process of restructuring companies and close corporations, it sometimes become evident that liquidation is the better option.
  • No standard formula exists for to liquidate, as the process of safeguarding assets is very complex and unique in every situation.
  • A tailor-made plan for all liquidations will be formulated and implemented in conjunction with all relevant parties involved.