Company Restructuring

SBA Company Restructure

When do you need us?

  • You want to start a new business but you are not sure of the implications and complications of the business form you decide upon on.
  • You need to Restructure your existing business.
  • You need cutting edge online marketing for business and products.

More Info

  • It is important to continually streamline your business operations. The new changes in the Companies Act provides an opportunity to restructure your business to fall within the parameters of the law. While effecting these changes, an analysis of your business structure is done, and a suggestion will be made on weather changes to your company’s structure should be made.
  • Changes made to your company’s structure will always have a positive effect on the running of your business. It is always important not to have assets and risks interconnected. Sadly, this is usually what causes companies to fail.
  • Limit personal liability.
  • Establish distance between capital and operational activities.
  • Tax planning.